Despite a busy schedule, which includes the upcoming (and highly anticipated I might add) sequel ‘Jumanji 3,‘ Jack Black is adding yet another project to his workload. Working with his son, who is set to direct and edit from behind the camera, Jack Black is launching his own Gaming channel on YouTube, which is called ‘Jablinski,’ capitalizing on the current trend of highly popular YouTube channels, not to mention the immense gaming audience that only gets bigger every year.

To announce the new channel, Black and his son recently released the first teaser for the channel (which you can watch for yourself below), which though short, gives hints as to what we can expect from the funnyman’s channel. A lot of wackiness, everything very much in line with Black’s brand of humor, and just some chill video game playing it seems, though Black himself promises that the channel will be even bigger than the competition, calling out fellow streamers Ninja and PewDiePie and saying he will be even bigger than they ever were. To be fair, both Ninja and PewDiePie have suffered set-backs in recent years, with PewDiePie getting in trouble for a series of anti-Semitic videos (which of course got him in trouble with Disney, which owned his then-parent company Maker Studios, and got him fired) and Ninja getting into some controversy when he claimed he would not live stream games with women out of fear of gossip.

As for Jablinski, apparently the plan is to release a new video every week, starting this week, December 28th, and with the channel already at 300,000 followers thanks to Black’s celebrity and popularity, it is sure to be at least a mild success to start with, and if Black and his son stay on brand (which could work as Black is known to be an avid gamer), they could attract an even larger audience and be very successful indeed. Check out the announcement video for yourself below, and then let us know whether you will be tuning into Jablinski, as well as your thoughts on Jack Black’s Gamer channel in the comments below!