Praise Media: Starz Releases First 3 Minutes Of American Gods Season 2

Despite all the drama behind the scenes of the production ‘American Gods’ Season 2, it looks like they are gearing up at long last to premiere in March of 2019, and Starz could not be happier about it. The drama, of course, has to do with the departure of co-showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, whose vision defined the first season of the series, a vision fans worried the show could not survive without. Added to that was the departure of star Gillian Anderson, who played the Goddess Media, and the show looked to have suffered some almost insurmountable losses in-between seasons. Now, however, they looked to have bounced back, and with the release of the first 3 minutes following the marathon Season 1 showing recently, they are fully promoting the new season, showing confidence that they still have a winner on their hands despite the setbacks.

Check out the first three minutes for yourself from the show’s Twitter account below:

What is very interesting here is that all of the build-up for the scene between Technical Boy (Bruce Langley) and Mr. World (Crispin Glover) is about the coming conflict with Wednesday, and their desire to prepare for that war, with Mr. World demanding that Technical Boy “find Media.” Which is, of course, is setting up a plot point of the Goddess Media having gone into hiding, which is clearly how they are going to explain having a new actress portray her this season, which is not unreasonable considering how often she changed her looks and appearance in Season 1. In a way, it is in her nature to change her appearance. Otherwise, the first three minutes seemed to do reasonably well maintaining the look and tone of the series, even if the storytelling itself seems a bit more straightforward and linear, and less cerebral the way it was under Fuller and Green. Yet, there’s a chance that after all of the big reveals of Season 1, fans are more inclined for a straightforward story anyway, especially those coming from the books, so this might turn out to be more of a crowd-pleasing way to tell the story from this point on.

What did you think of the trailer? Did you enjoy Season 1? Will you be sticking around for the rest of Season 2? Or do you think the show has no chance without the original show-runners? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!