skrullsIn 2019, the shapeshifting race is coming to Earth for another takeover attempt in ‘Meet the Skrulls.’ The book is coming to us from writer Robbie Thompson and artwork by Niko Henrichon with covers being handled by Marcos Martin for the first two issues. With both ‘Captain Marvel‘ and ‘Dark Phoenix‘ poised to introduce two live-action takes of this alien race to the big screen, it should come as no surprise that they are once more going to be a threat to humanity after having lived in the shadows for the past few years.

As to what the new book is going to be about? Here’s what Thompson had to say:

“MEET THE SKRULLS is about a Family Unit of Skrulls, embedded in the suburbs of Stamford, Connecticut, each of them with a mission to infiltrate and subvert mankind! We were definitely inspired by FX’s “The Americans,” but another big source of inspiration was the Fantastic Four. The FF go on crazy adventures and travel the multiverse, but at its core, it’s a book about family. MEET THE SKRULLS is rooted in that same dynamic — the characters may be shape-shifting aliens, but they are also a (dysfunctional) family… with all the ups and downs that come from that. So, sure, they may be green-skinned aliens bent on world domination, but they’re just like us!”

We’ve gotten a look at the Skrull’s religion in the past and knew that they have families, but this is one of the first times that we’ll be getting an extensive and ongoing view into what family life is actually alike for these shapeshifters. You just have to wonder why they picked Connecticut of all locations.

“Seeing the Warners at home, living a domestic life — it’s definitely a side of Skrulls previously unseen in the Marvel Universe. We delve into what they are like when they’re NOT trying to take over the world/universe. And in the process, since they are outsiders trying to blend into our world, they hold up a mirror to who we are today. That may come from the “bad guy” point of view, but it’s still rooted in what makes Marvel Comics so great: empathy. In their pursuit to fit in, the Warners study and reflect mankind, shining a light on what makes us tick, warts and all.”

While this family might be avoiding New York, it won’t be without connections to the superheroes that span the globe:

“You will absolutely see familiar Marvel faces in this series! In fact, Carl Warner, the family patriarch, works for one Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, who makes an appearance in the first issue. And there’s a cameo from one of Marvel’s biggest characters in the second issue!”

Do you want to ‘Meet The Skrulls’? How do you think this invasion will differ from the previous ones we’ve seen in the Marvel Universe over the years? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

You can ‘Meet The Skrulls’ in March of 2019!

Source: Marvel