Fans were skeptical when a reboot of ‘Doom’ was first announced even though it was hard to imagine it could be any worse than the 2005 release which starred Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. However, the news that keeps coming out about it just has given us more reason to worry.

First, we found out that Universal was planning on skipping a theatrical release and bringing this direct to both DVD and digital which is usually not a good sign. Second, we found out that the reboot wouldn’t be including The Spiderdemon which is one of the most iconic creatures from the series. Now, director Tony Giglio has had to deliver more bad news because the Barons of Hell won’t be appearing in the movie either.

Tony was asked about their potential inclusion by a fan in the following Tweet:

His response isn’t going to make too many fans happy:

Assuming that the movie ends up doing well, we may end up seeing them in a sequel, but at this time it sounds like the Barons just aren’t in the cards. For those unfamiliar with the original games, the Barons of Hell were some of the hardest bosses to go up against and affectionately became known as the “Bruiser Brothers.” While a pain to put down in the first game, these bosses would later become regular enemies in the sequels.

The manual for the original ‘Doom’ described them as being as “tough as a dump truck and nearly as big, these Goliaths are the worst things on two legs since Tyrannosaurus rex.” In ‘Doom II’ the description changed to “The Hell Knight was bad news but this is Big Daddy. These bruisers are a lot like Hell Knights, but look a little different and are twice as tough to kill.”

Are you annoyed that the Barons of Hell won’t be included in the upcoming ‘Doom’ reboot? Which of the Hellish creatures from the franchise do you hope ends up making an appearance? Share your thoughts in the comments below!