Looks like Natalie Portman and the Wachowskis may have a reunion soon as the L.A. Times blog, 24 Frames, has announced that Portman may sign on to star in a new action sci-fi film called ‘Jupiter Ascending.’

If you recall, a couple months ago it was reported that Andy and Lana Wachowski would be teaming up with Warner Bros. to bring ‘Jupiter Ascending’ to the screen.  The movie is based on an original idea from the siblings who haven’t produced or directed an action sci-fi film since ‘The Matrix’ trilogy (which was also created from an original idea of theirs). If Portman decides to take the role, it will be the second project she’s worked on with the Wachowskis (the first time was in ‘V for Vendetta’ in 2006).

Portman has been actively courted by the Wachowski siblings to star in the film and it’s been said that she “was seriously weighing taking the part.” Since the film isn’t set to begin filming until the fall of this year, it would allow Portman to finish filming her scenes for the upcoming ‘Thor 2’ movie which is supposed to start production sometime this month.

‘Jupiter Ascending’ isn’t the first science fiction film that Portman has been interested in starring in. For a while, she was set to star in the movie ‘Gravity’ with George Clooney before dropping out (Sandra Bullock wound up getting the part).

The plot details of ‘Jupiter Ascending’ are being kept secret. Other than the fact that it will be a female heroine based sci-fi action film with “franchise potential”, not much else is known. We’ll just have to wait until more information is leaked…I mean, released.

Nonetheless, it’s exciting news just knowing that the Wachowskis may be one step closer in getting this movie done!