Casting continues for DC Universe’s upcoming series ‘Stargirl’.  Brec Bassinger stars as the titular hero, also known as Courtney Whitmore.  Christopher James Baker, Yvette Monreal, and Anjelika Washington are cast in unknown roles, while Henry Thomas will portray Justice Society member Dr. Mid-Nite, while Lou Ferrigno Jr.Joel McHale and Brian Stapf will portray his teammates Hourman, Starman and Wildcat, respectively.

Two of the most important characters in Courtney’s life have yet to be cast– her mother Barbara and Barbara’s new husband Pat Dugan.  For Barbara, Warner Brothers is seeking “a Caucasian actress who is somewhere between 35-49 years old.”  On ‘Stargirl’, Pat will be the former sidekick of Starman, Stripesy.  As stated, McHale will play Starman, a.k.a. Sylvester Pemberton.  Comic fans will realize that Pemberton was actually known as the Star-Spangled Kid, but it seems that has been altered for the show.

In addition, the series is seeking an 18 year old biracial (“Half Caucasian”) actor to play a 15 year old named “Matt Kenner,” a love interest for Courtney.  “Matt Kenner” may not be the character’s real name.  “Matt” is described as a “friendly, adorable, and a nervous artist who is still trying to figure out being a teenager. Through his inherently good nature, Matt is staying on track towards a good path despite the fact that outside influences may try to lure him towards the wrong one.”  In the comic book series ‘Stars and STRIPE’, in which Courtney was introduced, she had a love interest named Joshua Hamman.  So “Matt Kenner” may turn out to be Joshua.

Later, in the pages of ‘Justice Society of America’, Courtney had a flirtation with Captain Marvel/Shazam!/Billy Batson, but he most likely can’t be used on TV since he will star in his own movie, portrayed by Asher Angel and Zachary Levi.  Courtney also developed feelings for her teammate Atom-Smasher.  Adam Copeland portrayed Atom-Smasher on ‘The Flash’, so it’s unclear if the character can be reused on ‘Stargirl’.

In addition, the series is casting “Sean Miller”, which, according to That Hashtag Show is “a recurring guest star character who is a Caucasian male in his 40s. Described as an uber-jock, ‘Sean’ is the owner of a trophy shop, selling only first place trophies as he has no care for participation ribbons. Despite his intensity and competitiveness, “Sean” loves hanging out with his gang, but not as much as he loves being with his wife and daughter, the two most important people in his life.”

For his wife, Ali, the series is seeking “an Asian-American in her 40s who will be a recurring guest star as well. Described as an amusing, but yet energetic soccer mom, “Ali” is the gym teacher for the high school and loves being able to guide her students to become future winners. But her biggest love in life is her daughter Kerri, who is similar to her mother and is the star athlete of the school.”

That Hashtag Show, for whatever reason, has these identified as Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle, but, how do I put this?  WRONG!!!  These are obviously descriptions for Sportsmaster and the original Huntress/Tigress.

Sportsmaster, a.k.a. Crusher Crock, and Huntress, Paula Brooks Crock, are fairly obscure Golden Age villains but had their profiles elevated when they were featured on ‘Young Justice’ as the parents of Artemis and Cheshire.  In the 1980s, in the flashback series ‘Young All-Stars’, it was established that prior to becoming the villainous Huntress, Paula Brooks was a hero named Tigress.  On ‘Young Justice’, Artemis used the alias Tigress when she went undercover as a member of the villainous team The Light.  Brooks was previously depicted as Caucasian, but was Asian on ‘Young Justice’, so that fits the casting description.

‘Stargirl’ is also casting for “Scott Weber,” a Caucasian male in his 40s who will be a recurring guest star. ‘Scott’ is described as a vicious supervillain who is a telepath which has made him into a horrifying force to be reckoned with. He enjoys executing the evil and personal punishments that he inflicts upon his victims when ‘Scott’ is inside their minds. However, ‘Scott’ isn’t only a supervillain, but also a father to a son who he cares for deeply and has big dreams for.”

In the comics, Henry King, Sr. was the telepathic villain Brainwave, while his son, Henry, Jr. became Brainwave Jr. and was a founder of Infinity Inc.  While he was a hero for most of his career, Brainwave Jr. has more recently been depicted as a villain, having been driven mad by his telepathy.

‘Dr. Draven’ is “male in his 40s for which the casting department is looking for a Pacific Islander/Asian-American to portray the recurring character. He is viewed as a ruffled scientist, due to him working outside the standard medical and ethical guidelines. “Dr. Draven” was badly scarred by his own experimentations as he is now forced to cover his face constantly. Currently, “Dr. Draven” is operating somewhere in a mysterious laboratory where he conducts sadistic and electrifying experiments as well as surgeries on a handful of innocent individuals.”

That Hashtag Show speculated that Dr. Draven is Johnny Sorrow, a character created by Geoff Johns, who also created Stargirl.  This could also be the Ultra-Humanite, a scientist who transfers his brain into new bodies, including, most famously, a huge white ape.

However, the use of the word “electrifying” may imply that this is Cyclotron, a villain that possessed radioactive and electrical abilities.  Cyclotron’s grandson is the hero Atom-Smasher, a character with a connection to Courtney.

Finally, there is “Arthur Matlock”, “a male in his mid-30s, who would be a guest star. Described as a powerful man, both through physique, mind, and heart, he is a kind individual who is quick with his fists whenever it is necessary. That also allows him to be a great husband to his wife Ruth and a great father to his baby son Ben.”

This could literally be anybody.  It really depends on how ‘Stargirl’ approaches the Justice Society.  In the comics, these characters were active in the 1940s, during World War II.  Presumably, that won’t be the case on this show.  So someone in the 30s with an infant could be anyone.

I’m just going to guess it’s the Golden Age Atom, Al Pratt, just because he is described as being “quick with his fists” and that’s all the original Atom had going for him, his boxing prowess.  He didn’t have any superpowers to begin with.  (He later gained some.)

We’ll know these characters true identities when ‘Stargirl’ premiers on DC Universe in the fall of 2019.