BB-8 Stars In New Star Wars Resistance Short

The newest ‘Star Wars Resistance’ short, ‘The Search for Kaz’ features everyone’s favorite little round robot!

Poe’s pal BB-8 stars in his very own ‘Star Wars Resistance’ short film, which serves as the first in a series of character-focused shorts from Disney during the month-long midseason break from the series.

The short is shown from BB-8’s point of view as he dutifully rushes to find Kaz as Yeager is too busy to track him down himself. Not everything goes according to plan, and the little round bobble has a little bit of a tough time. Excuse me, I just have a little something in my eye.

This short and the ones following will be featured on Disney Channel’s YouTube page through December, and the other shorts will highlight Kaz, Torra, Tam, Flix and Orka, Hype, Neeku, and the Aces.  Two other shorts, ‘Dart and Cover’ and ‘Neeku’s Reward’ are already on the page for fans to watch!

‘Star Wars Resistance’ will be back with the 11th episode in January, and will precede the ‘Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures’ series of shorts, which Disney just launched in an effort to focus on the more family friendly side of the ‘Star Wars’ universe.

Check out the short ‘The Search for Kaz’ below!


‘Star Wars Resistance’ will be back January 19 and will pick up where the midseason finale left off.