A New Version Of Ghost In The Shell Is Slated To Hit Netflix In 2020

Fans of the iconic ‘Ghost in the Shell‘ franchise have something to look forward to in 2020 as a new iteration of the series is slated to be released on Netflix! The streaming giant is continuing to push its upcoming anime slate after Hulu has made huge strides in continuing to dominate the market and original shows are their best bet into drawing in more viewers.

The new series is titled ‘Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045’ and will be directed by some heavy hitters such as Kenji Kamiyama (‘Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex’) & Shinji Araki (‘Appleseed’). Fan-favorite Production I.G. will be collaborating with SOLA Digital Arts to bring this project to life. Production I.G. is known for having previously worked on all of the anime versions of this series.

Not much in the way of details have been shared with the release date so far out, but Netflix is claiming that the anime will be “reborn” as a “next-generation animation film” which is being created in 3DCG.

Here is the Twitter announcement which Netflix had shared: