Resident Evil Reboot Finds A Director

It isn’t a news day unless another horror franchise is being rebooted. With the last movie just released in 2016, a reboot of ‘Resident Evil‘ is coming and it already has found a director. Johannes Roberts (’47 Metres Down’,’Storage 24′) has been tasked with the thankless job of not only finding a way to make zombies scary again but also bring in moviegoers to a series of films which just ended two years ago.

The one thing that this reboot did have going for it is that James Wan (‘The Conjuring’,’Insidious’) will be producing the film and as one of the modern masters of horror, this means we should at least have some iconic moments showing up in the film. However, even with Wan’s involvement, it could prove difficult for audiences to be interested in a reboot so soon after the originals which starred Milla Jovovich came to a close. On top of that, the latest news about Roberts becoming attached didn’t at all mention Wan’s involvement.

It isn’t clear if this means Wan has parted ways with Constantin Film for this production or if the report had left off the most notable name attached to it for some reason. If he did part ways, you have to wonder if this was over creative differences or from Wan’s plate just being too full after the early buzz coming from ‘Aquaman.’ If the movie is as successful as ‘Wonder Woman,’ you would have to imagine that Wan will have his pick of nearly any project out there which doesn’t already have a director attached.

Are you looking forward to a reboot of the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise? Which of the ‘Resident Evil’ games do you hope will inspire this new adaptation? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Slash Film