Cancellations of TV series are nothing new, and certainly many shows have been cancelled without having the opportunity to resolve many of their plot points.  Heck, some shows even get cancelled mid-season, which deals a huge blow to whatever fan base there might have been, in terms of their reception of closure.  It’s a pleasant surprise, then, that the recently-cancelled CW show ‘Frequency’ was given the opportunity for its major plot points to be resolved, by none other than the CW network themselves.

Based on the 2000 film of the same name that starred Dennis Quaid, the televised version starred Peyton List and Riley Smith as daughter-father duo Raimy and Frank, who are able to communicate with each other via ham radio, even though Raimy is in 2016 and Frank passed away in 1996.  The two work together to stop a murderer from killing Raimy’s mother.

The final episode of the first season wrapped things up fairly neatly, as the CW never gave an order for a second season, indicating pretty early on to the creative team of the show that the writing was on the wall.  However, the series did end with some unfinished business and loose ends; to avoid spoilers, we won’t talk about specifics here, but for fans who are interested, you can check out the epilogue below:

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