2 New Shazam! Posters Appear, One Comic-Based, One Live Action

It may not be as well-known in the US as San Diego Comic-Con or New York Comic Con, but São Paulo, Brazil’s Comic Con Experience (CCXP) is one of the world’s biggest pop culture events of the year and it’s going on now.  While a lot of news is emerging from the gathering, some studios are walking a tightrope, with certain projects emerging sooner than later.  For instance, Warner Brothers has two DC Comics movies coming up, with ‘Aquaman‘ arriving in just weeks, on December 21.  But there is also ‘Shazam!’ swooping in on April 5, 2019.  While Jason Momoa’s Aquaman has appeared in ‘Justice League’ and had a cameo in ‘Batman V Superman’, ‘Shazam!’ is essentially an unknown commodity.  CCXP would be a prime venue to promote this picture, but how does WB do that without upstaging ‘Aquaman’?

How about a couple of posters?  There have been two new posters unveiled, with the first most likely created just for CCXP.  It is a comic book-style illustration featuring the likenesses of stars Zachary Levi and Asher Angel.  It was initially shared on the Twitter account of DC Films United:


This is perfect for a convention, as it references the movie, but remains true to the comic book roots.

For general audiences, though, it appears that another poster has been revealed, showcasing Levi in a full-body pose and the catchphrase, “Just Say The Word.”

If posters aren’t enough, there are rumors that a new trailer could also arrive during CCXP and would most likely also appear on the big screen in front of screenings of ‘Aquaman’.

As it turns out, Levi didn’t realize he was even up for the lead role in this movie, playing the idealized adult super version of a troubled teen.  As he recalled, he thought he was auditioning for a different role.

“I put myself on tape for this other role and the director, producers, and the studio saw it.  And they hadn’t cast their Shazam yet and they said ‘We think that could be our Shazam.'”

If a new trailer emerges, we will let share it here.  Check back for updates!

Source: IGN