New 'Westworld' Season 2 Home Video Promo Sheds Light On Delo's Plan And Theme Of The Series

While we may not know when exactly ‘Westworld’ Season 3 will premiere on HBO (not even a year yet), there are still some surprises creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have been kind enough to spring on the fans, especially now that Season 2 of the cult favorite series is coming out on Blu-Ray on December 4th for people to own. And while fans will no doubt be pouring over the episodes of the second season once more to see if they can spot any more details or clues they might have missed their first (or second) time around, they will also be enjoying all of those special features the home video edition is sure to come with, including notes from the creators. The latest promo from ‘Westworld’ appears to mainly be scenes from said special features where one of the creators, Jonathan Nolan, speaks about Delos and their ultimate goal, and what he feels this means, and what the show is trying to say about humanity.

According to the promo (which you can watch below), Delos has always been trying to find a way to turn their wealthiest clients into Hosts (so they too can live forever I’m assuming), with the closest they have come being with Mr. Delos himself (though I would argue that now that we know that the Man in Black is also a host, he might be their most successful human to host transfer to date that we know about). Nolan goes on to talk about the digital revolution of the 20-21st century and how humanity might not like the answers they find the more they are able to document and get a good look at how they really work, with the video bringing up the question about whether humanity will eventually be outlived by their own creations.

Check it out for yourself below here, and then make sure to head over to the comments section to give your opinion on what you have been thinking the theme of the series is, and whether you believe Nolan is really telling us everything Delos is doing, or if he is holding back on some key details.

Source: Screen Rant