Syfy is constantly on the look out for unique new shows and ideas to bring in that core audience. So, when one of the writers of ‘Sons of Anarchy’, one of the most popular shows on cable television, came to Syfy with a pitch for a time-travelling sci-fi drama, they snatched it up.

According to Deadline, the show called ‘The Dover Agenda’, from ‘Sons of Anarchy’ scribe Brett Conrad, is “a thriller about a young man who is recruited by a future version of himself to work for a secret branch of Military Intelligence specializing in parapsychology and future tech.”

One of the twists mentioned is that the man, while working with his future self, begins to ponder the questions of fate and time as he discovers that the man he will become is not the man that he wants to be.

The concept of ‘The Dover Agenda’ sounds like it will fit in nicely amongst the “secret group” dramas of ‘Warehouse 13’ and ‘Alphas’. Of course, the project is still at an early stage at this point. Syfy is going to have a script drawn up for a 90 minute pilot and see where things go from there. Of course, having a pilot for Syfy doesn’t mean a show will go anywhere. Take a look at ‘Three Inches’ for proof of that.

But the concept does sound intriguing and the idea of a man dealing with trying to change his future self is great. Can he change or is he doomed to be this future self? If he can change, what does that mean for the future timeline from whence his future self came?