The Russo Brothers Share Why Avengers: Infinity War Started With That Ship Sequence

The Russo Brothers recently hosted a screening of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ with a Q&A after it. They shared quite a few details during the event, but one of the more fun ones was how and why they choose to start the film on the Asgardian ship. This was our first introduction to seeing why Thanos, and his Black Order are feared throughout the galaxy. We know that before this he had already taken a stone from Xandar which is another area that could have been an easy focus.

As to the reasoning behind the ship, Joe Russo started off by sharing:

“[We needed something] that was going to knock the audience off balance. Thanos already has the upper-hand, everyone’s getting their ass kicked, people are dead. And we felt like it would be a more shocking opening that would define him as a character for the rest of the movie. It’s a grand entrance for him as a character. He’s already in the midst of his plan, and we’re catching up to it.”

I think as an impact on our heroes, Anthony hits it on the head when he states:

“And another part of the reason we did that was the end of Civil War, the idea that we left the Avengers in a place where they were sort of broken and separated from one another. We knew that created a vulnerability in them because they were no longer together, they were no longer a team. So the fact that Thanos could strike fast and be one step ahead of them was even more threatening to them and the narrative because again, in order for them to respond to Thanos, they have a long road to go before they can get on the same team again. Which, they never actually do in this film, they never are reunited as a force in this film. That was part of the concept of having Thanos one step ahead of them because that was where they were most vulnerable.”

Not only do we see The Avengers split here and broken but Thanos wipes the floor with both Thor and Hulk without breaking a sweat. Taking out the two heavy hitters on the team is no small task in itself, and yet it was shown as being an insignificant action to Thanos which is followed immediately by the death of Loki.

You can watch The Russos answer the questions in the video below!


Do you believe that The Russo Brothers choose the right moment for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ to start? Would you have preferred to see the destruction of Xandar or Thanos beating all of the Asgardians before this scene? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

Source: Collider