New Star Trek: Discovery Teaser Showcases Pike And Spock

The new season of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ is quite literally getting closer every day, with the premiere now less than two months away. And of course, the closer we get to the premiere, the more CBS is going to tease the new season, be it in the form of press junkets, the ‘Short Treks‘ minisodes, or – of course – trailers. The latest trailer (more of a teaser, really) began airing on CBS this past weekend, and it’s a bit of a change from we’ve seen so far.

While previous teases for the second season have focused on the established cast while teasing the introduction (or re-introduction, as it were) of Captain Pike while hinting at the mystery that will form the core of the season’s narrative arc, this one focuses almost entirely on the new characters. Well, the new-to-‘Discovery’ characters, that is. That’s right, this time around, Captain Pike (here played by Anson Mount) is firmly in the spotlight, with Spock making a brief appearance of his own.

This is a short one, only thirty seconds in length (compared to the two-plus minutes of earlier trailers). Despite that, the bulk of the teaser is made up of new footage and extensions of scenes glimpsed in the trailers that debuted at San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con. We also see more of the show’s version of Spock (now played by Ethan Peck) than we have in the prior teasers. Though of course, that’s not saying much, given how close to the vest they’ve been playing that particular card,

Check out the full teaser below:



‘Star Trek: Discovery’ will feature returning stars Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Mary Wiseman, and Anthony Rapp alongside newcomers Anson Mount and Tig Notaro. The second season will begin airing on CBS All Access on January 17, 2019.