Loved Pokémon Go But Wish It Was More Like Warcraft? That's Happening

It looks like Blizzard Entertainment is preparing to dive headfirst into the augmented reality mobile game market by giving us a ‘Warcraft‘ game similar to ‘Pokémon Go’! While there are a ton of people who were down on the game when it first came out, swarms of kids and adults were spending a ton of time outside during the glorious summer of 2016 to capture Pokemon and anything that promotes that isn’t a bad thing. Now, ‘Warcraft’ fans are going to be able to have a similar experience.

The game idea which is being explored will stem directly from the ‘World of Warcraft’ franchise, and it is possible we could even see it tie into the MMORPG which still dominates the market. Blizzard employees love ‘Pokémon Go’ and other mobile games so much that it seemed natural for the development team to start exploring this option. It also isn’t a completely new route for the gaming giant as there is a “Diablo” game in development at this time titled ‘Diablo Immortals’ which was announced at this years Blizzcon 2018. The idea wasn’t well received by the masses, but mobile gaming has been on the rise for years, and it wouldn’t be the smartest business move to ignore the market.

Blizzard does seem to be going the right direction on developing this title in a more unique style. It is questionable how they’ll adapt the ‘Pokemon Go’ experience into supporting multiple warring races, but it isn’t too often Blizzard Entertainment has gone wrong in the past. ‘Warcraft’ was always a hit with fans but the original Real Time Strategy might not translate well to a mobile experience which is why this inspiration seems like a good one. That being said, Electronic Arts has been trying to turn their own RTS franchise into a mobile hit with ‘Command & Conquer Rivals’ and if that proves to be a success when it is released we might even be seeing some Orcs yelling “Zug Zug” while you poke them as they go about their day gathering resources for you.

Are you excited about a ‘Warcraft’ themed augmented reality mobile game? Would you rather the company bring us a new RTS pitting Orcs against Humans? How could this tie into the overall ‘World of Warcraft’ experience? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Screen Rant