With Tokyo Game Show 2014 getting its start, Square Enix has shown off a brand new trailer for their long awaited ‘Final Fantasy XV.’

The newest TGS trailer shows main character Noctis and his entourage of friends on a road trip in a shiny sports car while showing off a dose of the game’s action-RPG combat every once in a while. There is also a little tease of the game’s rather open ended environments and structure. To say the least, the whole thing looks absolutely gorgeous with its graphics and fluid animations.

Originally announced as a spin-off to the then upcoming ‘Final Fantasy XIII’ called ‘Final Fantasy Versus XIII’ back in May 2006, ‘Final Fantasy XV’ has had quite the long tumultuous development process. Over the years since its announcement with little to no news about the game, Square Enix had to constantly reassure fans that it had not been cancelled. It was easy for fans to grow discouraged as more games in the ‘Final Fantasy’ franchise continually came out with ‘Final Fantasy Versus XIII’ nowhere to be seen among passing trade shows. However, it wasn’t until E3 2013 that Square Enix finally showed off a trailer showcasing and confirming that the long awaited ‘Final Fantasy Versus XIII’ had become ‘Final Fantasy XV,’ the newest numerical entry in the franchise.

With the release of the new trailer, Square Enix has also announced that Tetsuya Nomura, longtime series designer and director of the game back in its early “Versus XIII” stages in 2006, would be leaving the project. Replacing him will be Hajime Tabata who has had previous experience in the franchise being director of both ‘Final Fantasy Type-0’ and ‘Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.’

Lastly, Square Enix announced that those who purchase the upcoming HD version of once Japan-exclusive PSP title ‘Final Fantasy Type-0’ will get their hands on a voucher to play a demo of ‘Final Fantasy XV’ in March.

‘Final Fantasy XV’ is planned to release on PS4 and Xbox One. As of now, the game still does not have a release date but if what Noctis says at the end of the new trailer is any secret indication of where the game’s development is at this point then we can only hope that Square Enix is somehow trying to tell us that ‘Final Fantasy XV’ is…“almost there.”

Source: Gamerant