The Limit

If you’ve ever wanted to star in a Robert Rodriguez action flick, now is your chance.  The filmmaker behind ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ puts you in the driver’s seat in ‘The Limit,’ an interactive virtual reality experience that mixes a splashy action narrative and first-person shooter into one.  Your costar is another action vet, Michelle Rodriguez (no relation), who acts as your guide who will even help you pick up your teeth!  Robert and Michelle Rodriguez have worked together several times, most notably in the ‘Machete’ movies and the upcoming ‘Alita: Battle Angel‘.

‘The Limit’ is described as “an immersive cinema experience” and puts the viewer/player through all the action movie standards– fist fights, shoot outs, car chases, even a skydiving sequence.  In addition to Michelle Rodriguez and a bunch of random targets, ‘The Limit’ also stars ‘The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus as the adventure’s villain, a cyborg with a mechanical arm that can deflect bullets.  It seems that the viewer/player will even get up close and personal and trade blows with Reedus.

Here is a bit more information:

From award-winning filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, THE LIMIT is a live-action, first-person POV short-form virtual reality film starring Michelle Rodriguez as M-13, a genetically-enhanced weapon of mass destruction hell-bent on destroying the covert agency that created her. The film, co-written by Racer Max, is an original concept built from the ground up as a native VR experience and is being produced in a new cinematic VR format that bridges the gap between traditional widescreen and 360-degree video.

‘The Limit’ can be viewed in either 2D or 3D formats, and there are also behind-the-scenes featurettes and a chapter-select demo mode.  As was mentioned, Rodriguez created this project with his son Max Racer.  It seems this was a family affair, as Rodriguez’s younger son Rebel Rodriguez also worked on the soundtrack.

Check out the trailer for a better understanding of what’s in store:


The Limit is available now at a 50%-off introductory price on every VR platform with the STXsurreal app, including smartphone editions ($3.99) as well as on PlayStation VR and Oculus ($4.99).