SyFy Releases Creepy First Five Minutes Of 'Nightflyers'

So for fans wondering just what George R.R. Martin has been spending his time on these days instead of working on the next novel of ‘Game of Thrones,’ here is one of the answers: ‘Nightflyers.’ The new series on Syfy, which, based on the first five minutes that has been released, looks pretty intense.

The opening looks to be somewhat of a flashforward, with Dr. Agatha Matheson (Gretchen Mol) desperately trying to avoid ax-wielding crewmember, Rowan (Angus Simpson), as she records a desperate message to the outside world to stay away from the ship, appropriately enough called the “Nightflyer,” and keep it from ever returning to Earth. During the terrifying ordeal, Rowan manages to surprise Agatha (and the audience) with an ax through a bulkhead in a shot mirroring a moment in the ‘Shining’ that made me feel this show really knows what it is doing and want to see more from the series. The intro ends with Agatha barely managing to get her message out. Using a power saw to slice open her own throat before Rowan can get to her, Agatha’s blood is seen splashing onto a window as the camera pulls back to show the exterior of the ruined ship, right before what I am assuming the show cuts back to some days (or weeks) earlier to explain how Agatha and Rowan got to that situation and explain what exactly is going on.

The opening scene had good pacing, atmosphere, and direction, and I cannot help but feel the show has a chance at being something special, which I suppose should not be that surprising since it is based on another George R.R. Martin book, and SyFy has been working on this series for some time.

Make sure to check out the first 5 minutes for yourself, and share your thoughts on the new series in the comments below, and also to tune in when it premieres on Syfy on December 2nd!

Source: SyFy