Releasing today, ‘The Power Of Six’ is the sequel to the New York Times Best Seller young adult science fiction novel, ‘I Am Number Four’ by Pittacus Lore.

Starting off just minutes after the end of ‘I Am Number Four’, ‘The Power Of Six’ continues the story of “Number Four”, “Six”, “Bernie Kosar” and their human friend “Sam Goode”. The book also introduces us to “Number Seven” or “Marina” as she’s known to humans.

The book is essentially two alternating stories. One that follows “Four” and “Six” in the United States and another that follows “Seven” in Spain. While there are elements that tie the two stories together at times and we do eventually see how their paths will meet, it was a little distracting at times switching between the two stories. Just as you’re getting interested in what’s happening to “Four”, you turn the page and move back to “Seven”. But for the most part, it kept both stories more interesting by not allowing a slow part of the book to linger too long. Not to mention, you did have two protagonists to share their thoughts about their worlds from different points-of-view.

If you liked ‘I Am Number Four’, you will definitely enjoy ‘The Power Of Six’. There’s plenty of action, some teen angst and a lot of revealing details about the planet “Lorien”, the “Garde” and the “Mogadorians” to keep your interest. Although, as the second book in a proposed six book series, there are plenty of details to be revealed over the coming years to keep audiences on the edge of their seat.