black hammer

It is a great year to be Jeff Lemire as now another of his comics, this time ‘Black Hammer,’ is coming to the big and small screen! The plan is to make a set of films and television shows that are connected and pull off what Marvel Studios and the failed attempt at ‘The Dark Tower‘ weren’t able to do. Published by Dark Horse Comics, this will the third project from Lemire that is getting a live-action adaptation with ‘Descender‘ getting a television series and Ryan Gosling slated to direct a cinematic take on the graphic novel ‘The Underwater Welder.’ Legendary Entertainment is slated to tackle developing both the film and series.

Lemire is working with Dean Ormston in bringing this story to life. Tor those unfamiliar with the comic, the story follows multiple generations, genres, and eras that shows us the fate of superheroes and villains in Spiral City. The series has included numerous spinoff comics as well such as ‘Sherlock Frankenstein’ and ‘Doctor Star.’

The official description is below:

Black Hammer is an epic multi-book saga of interweaving stories – both past and present – detailing the trials and tribulations of the heroes as well as the villains of Spiral City. It’s a genre-bending series that pushes the limits of what a superhero story can be, while always creating deep metaphors for human experiences. In Black Hammer, the characters come first, and the superhero aspects become the canvas to tell their stories.

At this time the production is still too early to have any release dates which can be revealed.

Are you looking forward to a live-action take on ‘Black Hammer’? Which characters do you hope will end up in the series? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Slash Film