Greetings, ‘Torchwood’ fans! So the coveted Season Premiere of the much anticipated ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’, exploded onto our TV screens! I, for one, was more than pleased to find Russel T. Davies words ring true, that is, ‘Torchwood’ is most assuredly, BACK. I, like many fans, had my trepidation’s about my favorite Cardiff based show being usurped by American television. Happily, I was indeed misguided!

Again, Series creator Russel T. Davies hits the mark with this unprecedented showing. Many US and UK fans worried about ‘Torchwood’ losing something in the translation, but I can safely say that John Barrowman and Eve Myles have made damn sure that Torchwood is as outstanding as ever.

With the failed attempt to put to death convicted child killer Oswald Danes (played by Bill Pullman), he is given a new life, showing how the world has changed on this… “Miracle Day”. I realize we are supposed to find this character… endearing, but I cannot bring myself to find any redeeming qualities in him. This, of course, is a tribute to Bill Pullman’s abilities as an accomplished actor.

Hospitals the world over are reporting oddly empty morgues, in a twenty four hour period, not one death is recorded. No deaths by injury, sickness, or natural causes. CIA operative Rex Matheson (played by Mekhi Phifer) witnesses this “miracle” first hand, which seems to be taking place across the globe.

While resting in his hospital bed after being impaled by steel rods in a traffic accident that should have killed him, Rex is prompted to look at the hospital security camera network. There he bears witness to a tragically wounded bomb blast victim; a victim that would normally be D.O.A., who is still clinging to life, even after his head is separated from his body!

Captain Jack Harkness (Played by the flamboyant John Barrowman), formally of ‘Torchwood’, poses as… wait for it… Owen Harper. (Who was played by Burn Gorman), FBI In homage to the former ‘Torchwood’ member.

Rex, with his curiosity piqued over this British agency known as ‘Torchwood’, promptly leaves the hospital en route to Wales to seek out this mysterious government entity thought to be responsible.

Enter, Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles), or should we say Gwen Williams now? Her marriage to Rhys (Kai Owen) finds her happy in their new home with the couples new baby girl. I lost a great deal of respect for Gwen when she had the affair with Owen, Rhys is a good man, bit of a tosser? Sure, but a good man, none the less.

The signature ‘Torchwood’ excitement begins when an unknown black helicopter places a rocket through her house. Gwen has no trouble remembering her Torchwood training, even Rhys gears up and defends his family. Captain Jack shows up, much to the chagrin of Rhys, and they speed off in a jeep while being pursued by the black helicopter.

Rex sends them a message via several magazines worth of rounds from the assault rifle Jack throws at him. Gwen, in true action hero form reiterates the message with a properly aimed rocket, with baby in tow! Do not mess with a protective Mother kids, it never ends well. I realize this is the American attitude in me coming out – shoot it, blow it up… etc, but that was a roller coaster ride. And it just so happens, I really like roller coasters!

After they re-group, and Captain Jack tries to explain the significance of his unhealed battle scars, Rex then has the ‘Torchwood’ team taken to America in hopes of discovering just what it is that is happening. What happens then, you ask? Tune in next time faithful followers, because the next exhilarating episode of ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ will answer that!

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