Ming-Na in Stargate Universe – photo credit MGM

Big casting news was announced for the ABC pilot ‘S.H.I.E.L.D.!’ The agency has just added its first new agent in the form of Ming-Na. Ming-Na will be playing one of the lead roles, Agent Melinda May, an original character designed for the series and not found in comic books. Described as a “soulful and slightly damaged by her combat experiences” May is an ace pilot, weapons expert and a soldier who can – and has – gone beyond the call of duty.  This is the same role that was labeled as Agent Althea Rice in the casting breakdown that was released several weeks ago. According to that casting sheet, the agent was hard-core with crazy skills but quiet. She is known by the call sign ‘The Calvery.’

Ming-Na is known in the sci-fi genre for her work as U.S. Senator Michaela Wen on the now defunct Syfy series, ‘Eureka,’ Camile Wray in ‘Stargate Universe’ and voice the character Detective Ellen Yin in the ‘The Batman’ animated TV series. She has also did voice work on ‘Spawn 3: Ultimate Battle,’ ‘Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within,’ and the Disney movie ‘Mulan.’  Outside the genre, many know her from her roles on the NBC series ‘ER’ and the film ‘Joy Luck Club.’

Ming-Na will be joining Clark Gregg who was announced earlier to be reprising his role as Agent Phil Coulson in the pilot. Other than this, director Joss Whedon, who is writing the pilot with his brother Jed Whedon and wife Maurissa Tancharoen, is still keeping the plot details under wraps.

‘S.H.I.E.L.D.’ seems like it is moving along quickly and with this new casting news, I would suspect more will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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