Laurence Fishburne

‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ star Laurence Fishburne will headline and executive produce Sony’s new UFO anthology miniseries ‘Redlesham’, co-produced between Sony Pictures Television and UK-based indie Eleventh Hour Films.  This eight-part series will retell the 1980 UFO incident that took place at a US air force base in the British village of Rendlesham, Suffolk.

Several individuals, including air force servicemen, reported seeing a glowing object in the sky which then flew off into the nearby forest.  Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt recorded this event in an official report that was made public in 1983, but his report was later discredited by other officers which caused many to conclude that this incident had become the victim of a government conspiracy cover-up.

The show will take place in two timelines, one in 1980, at the time of the incident and 40 years later in 2020, on its anniversary.  Fishburne plays Tyrone, a retired American airman who was stationed in Rendlesham during the original incident.  He, his wife Carol and son Brock return years later to visit Carol’s dying father.  Tyrone “is forced to face events that have haunted him his whole life.”

This series was written by Joe Ahearne (former director of ‘Doctor Who’, writer of ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’), using the Cold War as a backdrop.

Ahearne said:

“I’m beyond thrilled this phenomenal and iconic actor will be leading ‘Rendlesham’ as Tyrone and facing down one of the most notorious UFO mysteries in history.”

Fishburne executive produces through his Cinema Gypsy Productions, with his partner Helen Sugland.  Also serving as executive producers are Ahearne, Eve Gutierrez, and Jill Green.

It wasn’t stated how the show would be distributed, or what network it will be on and where.  It’s also unclear when it may arrive, but at this early point, 2019 would be the earliest viewers can expect it.  No other roles appear to have been cast.

It is also described as an anthology, meaning that it appears that this show may continue on for later installments, perhaps focusing on different characters or even different UFO events entirely.

Source: Deadline