Megan Fox

Fans of the ‘Star Trek’ movie franchise have been waiting with bated breath for any sign of life. Following the exits of both Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth from the franchise, news from the film front has been nil. ‘Trek’ has been well represented on the small screen, of course, with ‘Discovery’ airing on CBS All Access.

Well, it would appear that the movie front has been brought back to life by perhaps the most unlikely source, Megan Fox! The ‘Transformers’ star shared some photos on her Instagram story with John Cho using the hashtag #StarTrek. A fan took screenshots the photos and tweeted them, and the official Trek twitter responded with a very sly looking emoji. Check out the exchange below:

While nothing has been confirmed by either Fox or the team behind the ‘Trek’ films, their response has led to wide speculation throughout the Internet, and it would be huge considering the trouble surrounding the films. Pine left the franchise over a salary dispute, and Hemsworth, followed suit after Paramount failed to pay the actors what they’d previously agreed upon.

While these things have thrown a wrench into the plan, the studio has previously mentioned doing a fourth film within the Kelvin timeline, but details for that have not been released.

Check back for more news as it becomes available!