The Walking Dead The Whisperers

Andrew Lincoln‘s tenure as Rick Grimes has come to an end on ‘The Walking Dead‘, at least for the time being as he’ll be back next season to direct, and last night the show gave us our first look at the upcoming threat of The Whisperers! The new teaser shows quite a few familiar faces though doesn’t at all hint at the fate of Rick Grimes or Lauren Cohan’s Maggie Greene so if you didn’t catch last night’s episode, don’t worry about any spoilers.

You can check out the latest teaser that shows “Strangers Are Coming” to ‘The Walking Dead’ right here!


The Whisperers will downplay the seriousness of every past threat our survivors have seen so far as we enter an entirely new era of the series. Also, it will be one which Rick Grimes isn’t the one who has to keep everyone safe. We do see Tom Payne’s Jesus suited up for war in an outfit that looks like it could have come from The Kindom had it been based on feudal Japan, Daryl Dixon once again seems mostly on his own, an older Judith Grimes following in her father’s footsteps who will likely take over much of the role Carl Grimes once had in upcoming stories, and both Michonne and Carol being awesome as always.

There is also a bonus clip which features Father Gabriel and Rosita! A current plot in the comic relates to a working radio which the two appear to be working on here.


Are you excited for the future of ‘The Walking Dead’? Even with the ratings decline, have you been enjoying the direction the current season has been going in? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter