dc universe

DC looks to be prepping to launch their streaming service later this year, and we’ve got a ton of details for the aptly titled ‘DC Universe.’ While it is unlikely to take on Disney’s option long term which will include everything from Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar, and Fox if the deal goes through, first to market is always important. That, and true DC fans or those who can’t get enough of a superhero kick that has disposable income, will be unlikely to avoid snagging a subscription!

Speaking of subscriptions, we’ve got the logos of four of the first shows which will launch on this service. While it is “a first-of-its-kind, immersive digital experience” there are no details on pricing that have been revealed quite yet.

For original content we’ve got some fun details to share that include:

We’ve been reporting on the live-action ‘Titans’ series for quite some time now, and it looks as if all of that pre-production news has paid off as the show will be ready to go with this new take on fan-favorite DC heroes!


‘Swamp Thing’ was a recently announced title, and it is unlikely to launch as the new streaming service debuts. However, it is a show that I suspect fans will be clamoring for as details emerge with James Wan on board as an Executive Producer and Gary Dauberman (‘It’) penning the script and serving as the showrunner. The plan is to have this be a 1-hour live-action drama series which will surely entice fans old and new!


Fans of ‘Young Justice’ have been clamoring for a third season for years, and now, it is finally almost at hand. While it hasn’t been officially announced, likely the first two seasons will be available for a re-watch and for new viewers as well.


There aren’t any solid details on what to expect from Harley Quinn as of yet, but she is always a safe bet to include these days. As a fan-favorite since her creation combined with her ties to Batman, this seems like a natural sell to audiences.

Do you plan on including the ‘DC Universe’ in your streaming line up? Which of the new shows are you most excited to be checking out when they launch? Is there a specific previous series that is a must-have for you to snag this service? Share your thoughts below!