Doom Patrol

Beast Boy, portrayed by Ryan Potter, made a brief appearance in the premiere episode of ‘Titans’, and in the third, ‘Origins’, he actually encountered Raven, although it was only a brief interaction.  But that’s about to change.  The fourth episode, entitled ‘Doom Patrol’ will be available next Friday, and will showcase Garfield Logan and his surrogate family, also known as “The World’s Strangest Heroes.”

If you want a sneak peek, here are a few pictures from the episodes.  The first image is the highest quality, while the other three are grainy, but they at least give an idea of what to expect.

Joining Potter’s Beast Boy are Jake Michaels  as Clifford Steele / Robotman, April Bowlby as Rita Farr / Elasti-Woman, and Dwain Murphy as Larry Trainor / Negative Man.  Their appearance on ‘Titans’ marks the first time the characters (and viewers) will encounter additional super beings, other than the Titans themselves.  (Hawk and Dove don’t actually have powers in this reality.)  This episode establishes these characters, who will then appear in their own spin-off series which is due to launch in February 2019.

On the surface, Rita Farr appears to be the only normal member of the team, but in this image, it’s clear that she is just as much a misfit at the others.  It seems she uses her powers to disguise herself and hide her disfigured form.

Bowlby (‘Two and a Half Men’) is the only actor that will play the same role on ‘Titans’ and ‘Doom Patrol’.

Former Air Force pilot Larry Trainor can unleash a shadowy energy form dubbed the Negative Man or Negative Spirit.

There has been no explanation given as to why the male ‘Doom Patrol’ members have been recast from show to show, but Murphy does have a role on the sci-fi web series ‘Deep Six’ and the pilot for a series called ‘Jett’.

For ‘Doom Patrol’, Matt Bomer will provide Trainor’s voice and appear in flashbacks, while Matthew Zuk will be the man underneath the bandages.

Like Negative Man, Robotman will be played by two separate actors on ‘Doom Patrol’.  Brendan Fraser will appear in flashbacks and will provide the character’s voice, while Riley Shanahan will appear as Michaels does here, in a practical suit.

Bruno Bichir will portray the team’s leader, Niles Caulder, The Chief on ‘Titans’, while Timothy Dalton will take over for ‘Doom Patrol’.

Are you looking forward to seeing these odd heroes come to life?

Source: Comic Book Movie