Teri Hatcher Dean Cain Lois & Clark

If you’ve been missing Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain as ‘Lois & Clark‘ since the show was canceled back in 1997, the onscreen sweethearts have good ideas for a revival! There is probably no chance that we would see ABC bring the series back at this point but it is still some great wishful thinking.

With it looking as if ‘The Flash’ from the 90s coming back in the upcoming Arrowverse “Elseworlds” crossover story, it could be feasible to somehow see this pair appear from another world in the DC Multiverse as well. If Cain and Hatcher were somehow able to reprise their roles in the Arrowverse, Hatcher said she’d be very up to it, “Of course. That would be amazing.”

Cain though doesn’t feel that a cameo of the two would be enough:

“I think it needs more than an episode. I would love to see what Lois and Clark are up to [now]. The possibilities are endless.”

For those that don’t remember, the series had ended on a cliffhanger as the now-married couple had a child dropped off on their doorstep. The duo’s idea would be to check in on the couple after 25 years which means they still have nearly four years more to pitch the idea and have someone take them up on it in time for the show’s 25th anniversary.

“I could see the baby having been a Kryptonian child and they had to go back. I could see them having a couple of Krypto-Earth kids. … I think Lois Lane is probably mayor of Metropolis, running stuff. Clark is still pushing paper and pencil, chasing stories.”

Hatcher though has a very different take on what would happen in the series moving forward and that the child would somehow have absorbed the powers of Superman:

“I thought maybe as the kid was getting older, he’s struggling with trying to figure out what to do with his powers, and [Clark] would have to get his powers back. And then, I was mostly thinking about a marriage where you stay together [despite the struggles]. When [Clark] didn’t have powers and Lois was working, it was emasculating and struggling … but once the kid is out of the picture, Lois and Clark have to figure out do we stay married?”

With so many 90s shows making a comeback, seeing a continuation of one that ran for four seasons doesn’t feel like that much of a stretch. Hatcher had even tried toreach out to Warner Bros. about the idea:

“I got as far as some people at Warner Bros., It’s a complicated sell because they have their own plan for the superheroes [and where Superman fits in].”

Cain was quick to quip:

“Maybe that’s why Marvel is kicking their butts in the movies these days.”

That is very true on the big screen though we know isn’t entirely as accurate on television.

Would you be eager to see more of ‘Lois & Clark’? Do you think the Arrowverse would be the right place to tell another chapter in this story or would it be best shown through something like DC Universe streaming service? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter