“How can I be running from something when I’m racing towards it?”

Dean is free, y’all!

Last week’s final scene had the elder Winchester stumbling into the room, declaring that Michael had left the building and that he was Dean Winchester once again. Though the fact that what is currently the most powerful entity walking on Earth decides to vacate his perfect host creates more questions that it does answers.

Dean’s new scar: what kind of weapon could hurt something as powerful as Michael.

As one would expect being trapped under the oppressive aura of an archangel, Dean comes out relatively fine with no real memories of his experience with Michael…and a two-pronged scar on his right arm. Similar to when he carried the Mark of Cain, this scar is raised and angry, hinting at a powerful violence strong enough to cut into Michael. With Castiel’s help, Dean re-lives that particular moment and catches a glimpse of the same hooded figure that, late last year, killed Kaia, the dream walker Sam and Dean needed to open a rift to Alt-Earth. When Sam and Dean head to Sioux Falls, thanks to some intel from Jody who’s found similar scars on three dead bodies, the trio searches for this mysterious hooded figure. When they catch up to it, they are surprised to see the dark figure shares Kaia’s face. This Dark Kaia is a dream walker as well and was psychically tied to Kaia. She’s on the run from Michael who, for some reason needs her spear for his own nefarious purposes.


Dark Kaia returns to the cabin fight like a Sith.


Though this part of the story is important as it is vital in the world building they are doing with Michael’s endgame, Dean’s obviously traumatic mind is the most intriguing aspect of “The Scar.” Early on Sam, ever the one open about his feelings, wants Dean to open up on what he feels about being trapped by Michael. If there’s one thing Dean has always been good at—besides killing monsters—is putting his feelings aside for a case. It’s his coping mechanism as he’s always been uncomfortable in leaving himself emotionally vulnerable. Nick’s had the same—albeit more complete—psychological trauma and we’ve seen the state of disarray he’s in. Dean has always had to be the strong one, a mask of strength on the outside while, on the inside, he’s confused and terrified. Eventually, he cops to the fact that he was drowning, unable to kick free. Yet it’s his guilt that traps him behind that stoic façade. Part of his admission comes from Dark Kaia’s damning words…

“You’re no different than him; threats, violence, anything to get what you want.”

Even if Dean’s position is that of saving people, Dark Kaia’s observation hits home, forcing Dean to face even more: his fear.

“I know where it comes from, your anger, your impatience; it’s fear. You’re scared. And you’re weak. Michael hurt you. He hurt me, too.”

Castiel and Jack seem to be bonding once again. Of course that means another spanner (Jack’s illness) must be thrown into the works.

After taking out a trio of vamps sent out to hunt Dark Kaia and with another helping of questions on Michael’s plan, Sam and Dean head back to the Bunker. Dean finally opens up to Sam on the drive, admitting that he “didn’t wanna look at it, what Michael used [him] for” instead wanting “to race ahead…skip to the end of the story, the part where I get the weapon and I take out the bad guy.” It’s an understandable mindset but he also brings forth a greater burden, his guilt at being the catalyst for whatever damage Michael causes. “It’s all on me, man. I said yes. It’s my fault.”

No matter the reasoning behind Dean’s decision, he was the one that said yes to Michael. It was to save the world at that time but every decision has a consequence. We all know the road paved by good intentions…


The Good

  • Jack coming off the bench to save the hexed Lora for the win of the night. After feeling so powerless the last few weeks and Dean reminding him of it, Jack ends up saving a young woman’s life. Castiel finally gives Jack credit, even suggesting that they go on a hunting trip sometime soon. It was a welcome turn of events because, for one second, it looked as if Jack would be in the wind, running off for greener pastures. But, as with Supernatural, nothing is ever cut-and-dry. Watching Jack cough up unhealthy amounts of blood is just another problem team Winchester will need to deal with.

The Bad

  • With the unfortunate cancellation of The Wayward Sisters spin-off before it even got off the ground, we were cheated of the chance to see Alex, Claire, Jody, and Patience taking on all manner of supernatural beasties in Sioux Falls. Though Jody made an appearance this week, the other three young ladies were stuck back in town. It would have been great to see the trio—especially Claire. Dark Kaia looks to be an important cog, at least in the first half of the season, so it’s probably a given that we will eventually see the wayward sisters on screen.

The Supernatural

  • “It’s just that every time I think about it, it’s just a nightmare. I mean, I can’t eat, I can’t sleep. It’s always just there, watching me…”—ahh, how we’ve missed your deadpanned wit, Dean. For all the seriousness in his first lines in the episode, for him to be talking about Sam’s beard the entire time is such a Supernatural thing to do.
  • It’s always great how Supernatural works characters from old seasons into the present day narrative. Now whether bringing Dark Kaia back into the fold was always the plan or if Wayward Sisters’ not being picked up changed their plans is beside the point. More importantly, her spear carries some serious power. Not only does Michael want it to help with the army’s he’s building, but like the Archangel Blade, it can do him serious harm. It seems a bit early to introduce such a fantastic weapon but I trust the writers have a plan that won’t make this portion of the story drag on too long.

Supernatural – “The Scar”