Star Trek: Discovery

The cast and crew of ‘Star Trek: Discover‘ have been making a big deal that everything seen on the series fits into canon even when it doesn’t appear to but soon will no longer be the case. From the shaved Klingon heads to the Spore Drive to the uniforms, much of it has been stated to be solved in the second season.

Now, Alex Kurtzman is stating that it just won’t be possible to have everything mesh properly with continuity. According to the Executive Producer:

“Everybody is always trying to maintain continuity. But given the 50 plus years of Star Trek, it literally becomes impossible because people decide that they want to follow a character in a book series after the show has been canceled, and so they’ll invent stories.
And then 15 years later, a new show will come on that will take that character back and you can’t be consistent with everything. Our goal is always to try, always, always to try and never to negate what has existed in the novels and graphic novels but it is a literal impossibility.
And part of what has kept Trek going for so long is everyone’s wonderful imagination to keep writing books and keep making graphic novels and keep making shows. And at a certain point, given the volume of things that are out there, it’s just impossible for everything to sync up perfectly. So we give it our best effort.”

Even not addressing the books, there are plenty examples of just not being in sync with the other shows and at the very least, Trekkies everywhere are hoping that will be explained away as was previously promised would happen.

Do you agree with Kurtzman that it is impossible for “Star Trek” to be entirely in continuity or is this just the creative team wanting to put their own twist on things without caring about the source material? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Digital Spy