Sony can breathe a sigh of relief, as they have been planning to create their own cinematic universe built of various supporting characters and villains from the Spider-Man segment of the Marvel Comics Universe.  Sony touts that they have access to 900 characters as part of their contract, and have taken to calling this subset of movies “Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters.”  There was a lot of skepticism as to whether Sony could make a Spider-Man Universe work without Spider-Man, but the #1 movie in the country for two weeks running, ‘Venom’ seems to indicate that they surely can.

The next flick lined up in this series is ‘Morbius’, based on the pseudo-vampire character Michael Morbius.  Jared Leto stars as the title character, while ‘Life”s Daniel Espinosa is attached to direct.  Now it seems that the villain of this picture has been determined.  Morbius will combat his one-time friend, Loxias Crown!

“Who?” is right!  Loxias Crown is not an existing Marvel character, although most are assuming that this is a modified version of the villain Crown, also known as Hunger.  Crown was a former Hydra agent who battled Spider-Man, before being drawn into an alliance with Dr. Andrea Jansen which led to his involvement with Morbius, who at the time was a catatonic test subject.  Crown later became a vampire-like being called Hunger.  In this form, he battled Spider-Man and the X-Man Marrow, after he took a number of the Morlocks prisoner.

With Hunger being a fairly obscure villain, that leaves plenty of room for the movie to take him and develop him however they need to in order to create a suitable villain.

One character that fans had been discussing is Emil Nikos, Morbius’ best friend, a biochemist who dedicated his life to trying to find a cure for Morbius’ blood condition, but after Morbius transforms into a vampiric being, Nikos was his first victim.  Reportedly, Niko is in the movie, but not as the villain, and also perhaps not quite in the same role that he played in the comics.

Martine Bancroft is said to be the female lead of the picture.

Sony hopes that ‘Morbius’ will begin shooting early next year.  If that happens, the film should arrive in early 2020.  Unlike Fox, Sony is sticking with making these pictures rated-PG13.

Source: That Hashtag Show