Netflix’s ‘Voltron‘ is preparing to enter its eighth and final season and the streaming giant has released the trailer and a slew of details about the show. The series quickly became a fan-favorite having been able to draw the attention of those who grew up with the original series and by delivering a solid plot and animation to snare an entire generation of new viewers. The studio has revealed that the final season is set to bow on December 14th, 2018 and also what the Paladins of Voltron will have on their hands as the show gets ready to come to a close.

As to what our heroes will be up against, the brief synopsis shares that Honerva is once again up to her schemes and to save the universe we’ll see the Voltron Coalition making a last stand against her!

After saving the Earth, the Paladins embark to prevent Honerva from setting into motion her deadliest plan yet. It’s a race against the clock as the Voltron Coalition gathers from the corners of the galaxy to defend the universe once and for all.

The new trailer shares that “Everything they’ve been through, everything they’ve fought for has been leading up to this,” and if you’ve been following the series this hints that we’re going to be in for quite an action filled and emotional thrill ride as the series comes to a close.

You can check out the trailer right here!


Usually, when you think of a show going into its eighth season, you would imagine it has been around for a while and it is hard to remember that it only debuted in June of 2016. It is a shame that they’re bringing an endcap to the series, but at the very least they’ve been able to deliver us a fun and exciting storyline over the past two years.

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‘Voltron’ will be forming one last time on Netflix on December 14th, 2018!