Jessica Chastain X-Men Dark Phoenix

One of the last remaining mysteries to ‘Dark Phoenix‘ is who exactly Jessica Chastain (‘Interstellar’,’Crimson Peak’) is playing in the film. A new interview with director Simon Kinberg has ended up revealing why exactly it is so hard to narrow down which character it is. Apparently, Chastain is playing a mixture of characters so that it isn’t easy for fans to track exactly which specific one it is.

According to Kinberg:

“I can tease that she is not of this world, that she is an extraterrestrial character. I can tease that she does some pretty wonderful things with it. Beyond that, in terms of where she comes from specifically in our universe and what she’s based on in the comics, I guess I will say she’s sort of an amalgam of a couple different characters and iterations of those characters over the span of the different tellings of the Dark Phoenix story that have taken place.”

Chastain has long been thought to potentially be Lilandra, Majestrix of the Shi’ar, though that idea was shot down by the studio a while ago. Kinberg has also recently shared this:

“I will say that Jessica’s character is not Mastermind, but there are elements of the way Mastermind manipulates Jean that Jessica’s character does employ. For me, as you’ll see, that Jessica’s character has elements of a few different characters from the comics. She is from, let’s say, not our planet, her character. I’ll keep it relatively mysterious, but it is a cosmic story in a way that is extraterrestrial, which is something we’ve never done in the X-Men movies before but is obviously something that is integral to the Dark Phoenix story so I felt we couldn’t do what we did on X3 and ignore that. We had to actually embrace it. So there’s a fair amount that takes place in space, and the inciting incident that starts to turn Jean, let’s say, dark and fill her with this power that she can’t control happens in space. And then there are forces from space that come to Earth because of that.”

Short of being another character from the Shi’ar Empire such as Deathcry or a Warbird, I’m honestly not sure who she could play out as being unless she does end up as a Skrull. Rumors have also circled that she will be playing Miss Sinister though that seems to take away from the cosmic side of things.

Who do you think Jessica Chastain is going to be playing in ‘Dark Phoenix’? Do you think she’ll be here to try and take the power of the Phoenix for herself or use Jean as a weapon? Could she even be here to stop the Phoenix Force from even being able to realize its real potential? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

Source: Collider