Jordan Peele

We already knew that CBS All Access was rebooting ‘The Twilight Zone‘ with Jordan Peele as an executive producer and now the actor is also slated to host and narrate the series. The actor has come a long way since his comedian roots and now will be filling the shoes of Rod Serling on this new take of an iconic series. The plan has long been to produce a “modern reimagining of the original,” and the idea of a science fiction and horror anthology series isn’t abnormal these days. ‘Black Mirror‘ has shown exactly how successful the format can still be and rebooting such a well-known franchise is playing to that same audience.

How many might want to add another subscription service to the mix to watch it is another factor that will come into play for ratings, but it could fit in well with the “Star Trek” crowd who has already subscribed.

According to Peele:

“Rod Serling was an uncompromising visionary who not only shed light on social issues of his time but prophesied issues of ours. I’m honored to carry on his legacy to a new generation of audiences as the gatekeeper of The Twilight Zone.”

Production for the series is kicking off this fall and the debut is slated for 2019, though we haven’t been given an exact date at this time. A brief promo has been released with this announcement which you can view below and provides us with a mix of both Serling’s classic lines with Peele’s new take on the franchise.

I quite enjoyed ‘Get Out‘ and feel that Peele could pull this off but will withhold any actual judgment until we start seeing some previews of the upcoming series. I’m generally not a fan of rebooted ideas but ‘The Twilight Zone’ is a format that this could work in, what will actually end up on the small screen is another story entirely.

Are you looking forward to Jordan Peele hosting and narrating ‘The Twilight Zone’? Do you feel that he’ll be able to do Rod Serling justice or do you have someone else that you wish was taking on the part? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: TV Line