Ad Astra
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Brad Pitt is getting ready to blast off into outer space in the new film ‘Ad Astra’, directed by James Gray.  The film is being compared to ‘Hearts of Darkness’ and also stars Tommy Lee Jones, Jamie Kennedy, Ruth Negga, John Ortiz, Kimmy Shields, and Donald Sutherland.  Gray co-wrote the screenplay with Ethan Gross and the logline is:

Astronaut Roy McBride travels to the outer edges of the solar system to find his missing father and unravel a mystery that threatens the survival of our planet.

More specifically, Jones plays astronaut Clifford McBride who goes missing while searching for extraterrestrial life near Neptune.  Pitt plays his son Roy, who leads an expedition to locate him.

The film is slated for release in January but a trailer has not yet appeared.  However ,20th Century Fox has released a new closeup image of Pitt in astronaut mode:

Ad Astra

Although the film is scheduled for release in January, it’s rumored that Fox will rush it into a few select theaters in December in order to qualify for the next Academy Awards, but since this is a sci-fi movie and requires a larger-than-average time for post-production, that may not happen.  Personally, I think its mid-January date is perfect, as the early months of the year tend to be really sparce on major film releases, so this would be a welcome entry.

Director Gray refuses to be pigeon held, bouncing from genre to genre.  ‘Ad Astra’ marks his first foray into science fiction, but he has already explored the likes of crime thrillers with ‘We Own the Night’ and ‘The Yards’, romantic drama with ‘The Immigrant’ and ‘Two Lovers’ and historical adventure with ‘The Lost City of Z’.  His next film, ‘I Am Pilgrim’, which is in pre-production, plunges him into the spy thriller realm.

‘Ad Astra’ is scheduled to blast off on January 11, 2019.

Source: Screen Rant