Greg Weisman has confirmed that there are 12 new episodes of ‘Young Justice’ in the can.  The new third season will contain 26 episodes, so the creators are a little shy of halfway there.

Actor Khary Payton, who voices Aqualad, announced that the cast had returned to work in April.  Unfortunately, although it was expected to arrive this fall, at this point, ‘Young Justice’ is expected on January 4, 2019.  Hopefully, that means that the whole season will return at once, but that may not be the case.  DC Universe isn’t releasing ‘Titans’ in its entirety, so it may choose to dole out ‘Young Justice’ one new episode at a time as well.

‘Young Justice’ will take on the new subtitle ‘Outsiders’ and will incorporate characters based on the comics, Geo-Force/Prince Brion Markov, Metamorpho, Halo, Katana, Doctor Helga Jace, Baron Bedlam and even Terra/Princess Tara Markov.  It appears that The Outsiders will operate independently, possibly with Nightwing leading them.  But The Team will return with new members as well, Traci 13 and Spoiler.

This summer at San Diego Comic-Con, Weisman and fellow producer Brandon Vietti discussed the upcoming new season.  As in the past, ‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ will be based on the comic book lore, but tweaked and adjusted as the series unfolds.  “Batman and the Outsiders, I suppose, is a big [influence],” Weisman said. “Specifically for the first few episodes.”

Vietti added:

“We’re kind of riffing on that, doing our Earth-16 version of that story. Our entire series has been granted by DC the designation of Earth-16 and we really lean into that. There are a lot of reminders of that throughout the season. The number ‘16’ pops up quite a lot.

“It also allows us to kind of riff on the comic books rather than have to stick to them very faithfully.  What we try to do is at least really pay respect to the characters or storylines that we’re riffing off of so that hardcore fans really feel that respect but also can be surprised. The hardcore fans that know these stories and know these characters inside and out, we want something new and something fresh, a different take. And then for new people coming onboard hopefully they’ll be able to see our stuff and go backward and see what the source material was and rediscover the DC Universe as we have.”

The first two seasons of ‘Young Justice’, which originally aired on Cartoon Network, will be available to binge when DC Universe launches this weekend.  ‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ is set to be released on January 4, 2019.