Fans of National Geographic’s ‘Mars‘ have been dying to know when we can see the second season and now we know we only have to wait until November. The series is a part scripted series that also acts as a documentary that tries to show us a story grounded in science that could still be viewed as science fiction from where we currently are in exploring the red planet.

As the first season came to a close, we saw a successful manned mission to Mars end up with a human settlement. Now, we’ll see an entirely new take on the planet.

As to what to expect from the sophomore outing of “Mars’? Here is the synopsis which gives away just enough to keep you interested without dropping any major spoilers:

MARS picks up five years after the conclusion of Season 1, following the successful maiden mission to the Red Planet and IMSF has established a fully-fledged colony, Olympus Town, but they cannot finance the Mars expedition alone. Doors of when the original International Mars Science Foundation (IMSF) crew struggled to safely land on and create an initial settlement. It’s now the year 2042, swung wide open to the private sector, but tensions arise among original mission-driven scientists and opportunity have miners sent by the for-profit corporation, Lukrum Industries, which create a new world of challenges for everyone on the Red Planet.

I do love that we’ll be getting a five-year time jump. This will allow the showrunners to create not only new interpersonal drama but also to tackle a different set of logistic problems on how to sustain life in such an isolated area.

You can check out the trailer for the upcoming season below!


It should come as no surprise that capitalism is starting to find its way into how the expedition is run. What is fun, though, is on the documentary side we’ll be seeing appearances by “Elon Musk, author Any Weir, former NASA chief Ellen Stofan, former astronaut Leland Melvin, futurist and physicist Michio Kaku, and more!”

Have you been watching ‘Mars’ and are looking forward to the second season? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

The second season of ‘Mars’ will premiere on Monday, November 12th, 2018 on National Geographic at 9 pm.

Source: Screen Rant