Darth Maul

Lucasfilm has just released two full-body photos of Ray Park’s appearance as Darth Maul from ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story.’ The images give fans a better look at the character and his robotic legs!

Fans of the ‘Star Wars’ franchise will remember that Darth Maul was unceremoniously sliced in half at the end of ‘The Phantom Menace.’ But, it would seem you can’t keep a good sith lord down, as he returned for both the ‘Clone Wars’ and ‘Rebels’ animated series as Maul (no Darth title), with his legs replaced with robotics.

Those unfamiliar with the animated series were surprised when at the end of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story,’ Maul appeared to Qi’ra. Sam Witwer voiced the character in ‘Solo’ while Park physically portrayed him. In the film, he appeared only as a hologram from the waist up. In honor of the release of the ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ on Movies Anywhere and Blu-Ray, Lucasfilm released the images that show him in all of his robo-glory!

Before ‘Solo’s’ release, Park teased the return of his character on social media. Fans assumed that he was referencing the Obi-Wan Kenobi movie that has been rumored to be in the works. Maul’s return in ‘Solo’ made it one of the more talked about moments, however, as Disney has no confirmed plans for a sequel, fans hoping to see more of Maul may have to look elsewhere.

‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ lands on Movies Anywhere on September 14 and Blu-Ray on September 25. Check out the new images of Park below!