Sofia Vassilieva

Former ‘Supergirl’ antagonist, Sofia Vassilieva, is returning for another DC Comics role, this time on ‘Black Lightning’.  Unlike the other DC shows on The CW, ‘Black Lightning’ is not connected to the rest of the Arrowverse, so there should be no confusion.  Vassilieva will portray Looker, the powerful telepath and possible vampire from DC’s ‘Outsiders’ comic books in which Black Lightning is also a star.

In Season One, there was one reference to The Outsiders, as that was a comic book that Grace Choi read and shared with Anissa.  In addition to Looker, Season Two of ‘Black Lightning’ will also incorporate villains from the ‘Outsiders’ comics, Doctor Helga Jace and a modified version of neo-Nazi Baron Bedlam.

On ‘Supergirl’, Vassilieva played Oliva, a worshiper of the Cult of Rao, who allowed herself to be transformed into a powerful Worldkiller.  Vassilieva has also appeared on ‘Timeless,’ ‘Training Day’, ‘Lucifer‘ and more, and had a regular role on ‘Medium’.

In the comics, Looker was mousy bank teller Emily “Lia” Briggs who discovered that she was descended from a race of subterranean super beings.  Upon realizing her true origin, she gained powerful telepathy and telekinesis and physically, she became a statuesque, voluptuous bombshell.  Many years later, she was turned into a vampire, granting her the requisite powers that that brings… as well as the weaknesses.

On ‘Black Lightning’, Vassilieva will be a “major recurring guest star” while her character is described as a “youthful looking woman with a soul that has lived for a long time, whose eyes are ethereal and whose look is penetrating.”  That may imply that she has the vampire-like feature of immortality.

With Helga Jace also entering the picture, there is a chance that other characters from the ‘Outsiders’ comic books will also become part of the series, like Geo-Force, the character most closely associated with Doctor Jace.

Geo-Force, Doctor Jace and Baron Bedlam, along with comic book ‘Outsiders’ Halo, Katana and Metamorpho will also be featured on the upcoming third season of the animated series ‘Young Justice’ on DC Universe.

‘Black Lightning’ returns to The CW on Tuesday, October 9th, 2018 at 9pm EST, after ‘The Flash’.

Source: TV Line