If you’ve read Stephen King’s ‘It’ then you’ll know exactly how excited we are to share the first image of Pennywise from ‘It: Chapter 2‘. Here we see Pennywise the Clown sitting on top of a statue of Paul Bunyan. This statue was in the background of various shots in the first film and if you aren’t familiar with it, you may not know why this could be a very cinematically exciting moment for the audience.

Before I go into the potentially spoilery territory of what this shot could represent, I’ll share the image which was captured and shared online:


It isn’t clear if this is Bill Skarsgård in makeup or a stunt double, but the inclusion of Bunyan here is teasing something even more significant for the clown. I’m warning you now that you’ll probably want to turn back if you haven’t read the novel as this could be leading into an entertaining scene.

When the young version of Richie Tozier is running from the bullies who tormented his childhood, he comes across the statue. In the scene, we see that Pennywise takes over the Bunyon statue to attack him.

Now, this took place in his youth so it isn’t clear if we’ll be seeing a flashback with Finn Wolfhard reprising the role or if this may instead appear to Bill Hader (‘The Skeleton Twins’,’Saturday Night Live’) who plays Richie as an adult in the sequel. While they could elude to it happening as there are plenty of horrifying moments to draw from in the movie, it feels like a wasted opportunity to just see Pennywise perched on Paul Bunyan’s shoulder just for show.

Do you hope that we’re going to see Pennywise controlling the statue in ‘IT: Chapter 2’? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘IT: Chapter 2’ will haunt your local theater on September 6th, 2019.