I Think We're Alone Now

Emmy Award winner Reed Morano’s somber end of the world drama ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ has been given a new trailer that goes a bit deeper than the cryptic first teaser.  What remains the same however is that Peter Dinklage plays Del, who believes that he is the only human left alive after a mysterious plague has wiped out humanity.  This new trailer reveals that Del has taken it upon himself to care for the victims.  He systematically clears out their homes and takes their bodies to a burial ground he has established outside of his now empty town.  Once he is finished with one residence, he marks the pavement in front with a white spray painted X.

His quiet, methodical existence is rocked by the arrival of Grace, a young intruder played by Elle Fanning.  Now that there are two of them, Del may be able to piece together exactly what happened to the rest of humanity.  But as teased by the trailer, Grace’s presence may not be a blessing.  It seems that the more Del learns about Grace, the more imperiled his quiet existence becomes.

Check out the new clip below:


‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ screened at the Sundance Film Festival and will open in theaters in New York and Los Angeles on September 14.  On September 21, it will expand to select theaters across the country and will be available on demand.

So far, the film has gotten generally good reviews, with many praising Morano’s elegant directing.  She also served as her own cinematographer and the result seems to be a moody and beautiful sight to behold.  Dinklage, who is almost always excellent, is said to deliver another multifaceted, nuanced performance.  On the flip side, those who didn’t like it say the script isn’t well-fleshed-out enough and that the film itself is dreary and even outright boring.  So basically, check out the trailer and decide for yourself if this looks like something you might want to check out.

One thing that might intrigue you is that director Morano is rumored to be Warner Brothers’ pick to helm its upcoming ‘Supergirl’ movie.

Source: Collider