Star Wars: Resistance

The ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ hype machine is in full swing, and that means the videos and promos are going to keep coming! And you know what, I am ok with it, as long as they keep giving us interesting information without spoiling too much about Disney and Lucasfilm’s newest animated ‘Star Wars,’ series, such as today’s featurette, titled ‘Meet Team Fireball,’ which delves further in the main group the show will be focusing on: the group of mechanics on the Colossus station that Kaz is sent to work with by Poe so he can spy on the First Order.

In the featurette, we learn they are called “Team Fireball” because “Fireball” is the name of the old ship they are trying to restore which has a bad habit of bursting into flames or exploding. The video goes on to interview some of the cast of the new series, with many of them giving us some interesting tidbits about their characters and hints about what to expect from the personalities they are bringing to the table.

According to the man behind the main voice of the series, Christopher Sean, Kaz is  “good at flying, but he’s not really good at spying.”

Susie McGrath describes her character of Tam as “tough, no-nonsense, she kind of has attitude.”

Lastly, Josh Brener described his Nikto character Neeku as “this unbelievably positive, happy character. No no matter what kind of day you’re having, Neeku is having a great day.”

Clearly we are still missing a lot of actors and characters, as Gwendolyn Christie and Oscar Isaac are both set to reprise their roles from the film, not to mention that we still have not seen the characters that Myrna Velasco (‘Elena of Avalor’), Donald Faison (‘Scrubs’), Jim Rash (‘Community’), and Bobby Moynihan (‘Saturday Night Live’) will be playing just yet, or we have and they just have not been called out to us specifically.

Check out the new video for yourself below, and make sure to share your thoughts on Team Fireball and ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ in the comments section below!

Source: EW