Godzilla 2

Marketing for ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ is ramping up and the new promotional website for it is making direct references to ‘Kong: Skull Island.’ Specifically, it refers to the Hollow Earth Theory which has been a huge rumored focus of how the films will tie together. This shows that the creative team over at Legendary Pictures isn’t just looking to throw together some giant monsters on the big screen to see what works for their MonsterVerse but are trying to deliver a solid creature feature cinematic universe with grounded connective tissue.

John Goodman’s William Randa of Monarch introduced the Hollow Earth Theory in ‘Kong: Skull Island’ and was a direct suggestion on how the Kaiju, or in these films the M.U.T.O.s (massive unidentified terrestrial organisms) which now seem to be called Titans come from. In the movie, before Randa died, he shared that the theory which is that there are huge caverns beneath the entire planet where these M.U.T.O.s live, and there could be dozens if not more of them. This is where the Skullcrawlers come from on the island and that there are potentially more all across the globe.

In fact, Randa’s character was sure that this was the case.

Now on the website for Monarch Sciences, you can track Godzilla’s movement across the globe. He spent some time at San Diego Comic-Con in July and had been swimming across the Pacific Ocean. He passed Skull Island without incident and vanished when he entered the Mariana Trench. This location is just east of the Philippines and South of Japan.

It should be noted that the area is considered the deepest part of the world’s ocean so likely he swam down and into the Trench past where he could be detected. No big deal right? Wrong. Since that time he has been visible again but had surfaced west of Indonesia by thousands of miles and turned south to Antarctica. How did he get this? Likely by traveling entirely under Indonesia which is likely through the enormous cave system hinted at in the Hollow Earth Theory.

Do you agree that the Hollow Earth Theory will help tie together both ‘Kong: Skull Island’ and the ‘Godzilla’ movies? Will the studio ever show what happened to Godzilla while traveling underground? Does this mean that this form of Godzilla can also see in the dark? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant