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David Harbour has been hyping the third season of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things‘ with the claim and that the show will be “more terrifying than any Demogorgon.” Even with the Upside Down unleashing the Shadow Monster in the second season, that is still a bold claim for the actor to make. However, whatever monsters they go up against won’t be his character’s major problem as he shares that his relationship with his adopted daughter Eleven “is probably the greatest challenge” for his character for him.”

There are other emotional impacts in the show that some might not expect as Harbour shares:

“I’m always fascinated emotionally in the moment that someone pulls a gun, even a cop. That action — I don’t know that I, personally, as a human being could do it. So in the action sequences, the psychology really interests me.
“And in the more emotional sequences, the behavior really interests me. Which is more of the action, I guess. It’s kind of a paradox in that way.”

As to what is worse than a Demogorgon? That is a bit of misdirection as the statement actually relates directly to Hopper and not the audience:

“The interesting thing about Hopper is that he’s really great in a crisis, he’s really great running around punching people and solving crimes and being a man of justice. And what’s he like when there are no crimes, and when he’s just raising a teenage daughter who’s becoming a woman — I think it is probably the greatest challenge for him. It is probably much more terrifying than any Demogorgon could possibly be.”

One thing we won’t be seeing but is implied is that “there’s a lot of domestic life that happens before Season 3 begins” which could lead to some exciting and unexpected interactions when the cast returns.

Hopper will also be in an interesting place in his life:

“It’s fair to say, without it being a spoiler, that you can assume that Hopper is at a boiling point when our story begins. And we’re going to see him grapple with those issues throughout the season.”

It isn’t clear if that relates directly to Eleven, his job, his life, or something else entirely.

You can watch the interview with Harbour right here!


Are you looking forward to the third season of ‘Stranger Things’? Do you feel that what we’ll be getting will be “more terrifying than any Demogorgon?” Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Wrap