Honestly for a show that is debuting on Syfy on June 19th I would have expected ‘Dominion’ to have released quite a bit more material to get us interested before now. Still with under a month away we just got a huge batch of images showing off the new series as well as an official trailer. Thankfully this trailer shows a little bit of what we can unexpect unlike the early teaser that gave no details at all.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the film ‘Legion’ which this series is based off. While the movie itself didn’t do anything for me it did have a solid concept and I hope that the series can take the ideas that it gave and make a show that is fun to watch.

Below is the latest trailer for the series followed by the show’s synopsis:

Based on characters from the hit theatrical film ‘Legion’ (2010), ‘Dominion’ is an epic supernatural drama set in the year 25 A.E. In this transformed post–apocalyptic future an army of lower angels, assembled by the archangel Gabriel, has waged a war of possession against mankind. The archangel Michael, turning against his own kind, has chosen to side with humanity against Gabriel. Rising out of the ashes of the 25-year-long battle are newly fortified cities which protect the human survivors. In Vega (formerly Las Vegas), the largest of these cities, two houses vie for control and the stage is set for political upheaval and a dangerous power shift. Meanwhile, a rebellious young soldier begins a perilous journey as the war between the human race and the fallen angels hellbent on their domination escalates.

‘Dominion’ stars Christopher Egan (‘Kings’), Tom Wisdom (‘300‘), Roxanne McKee (‘Game of Thrones‘), Alan Dale (‘LOST‘), Anthony Stewart Head (‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘) and Luke Allen-Gale (‘The Borgias‘).

Are you interested in this tale setting angels against mankind? Will you be watching?