FireflyGreg Pak is writing a new ‘Firefly’ #1 for BOOM! Studios with Dan McDaid on art so to celebrate the publisher has a special box set that they’re releasing. Fox has taken back the rights to the franchise so there won’t be more comics coming from the publisher in the near future, and they’re cashing in while they can with the limited-run “Firefly Big Damn Heroes Box!”

This collection will only have 1000 boxes available to order and will include the right covers of the launch issue with art by Lee Garbett, Jock, Bill Sienkiewicz, Joe Quinones, the blank sketch variant, and a ton of others! There will also be box-exclusive variants which includes one by Tula Lotay along with a premium cover of ‘Firefly: Legacy Edition Book One by Rahzzah. This will be from a collection of older ‘Serenity’ comics that followed Mal and crew from the first official sequels in the ‘Firefly’ universe.

Also, ‘Firefly’ #1 for those who haven’t been following details on the new series will show off the civil war that kicked off our introduction to Mal and was the footnote in history that spawned all of the events which we’ve seen so far.

According to Jeanine Schaefer, Executive Editor, BOOM! Studios:

“FIREFLY is about to reveal one of the most iconic stories in the franchise’s history, and we wanted to commemorate it in the biggest damn way possible.”

Oh, and the critical piece that fans are going to want to know is that 50 of these books will include a print from Dylan Todd and 50 of these will be signed by creator Joss Whedon himself.

Talk about a treat for Browncoats everywhere!

Are you planning on picking up a copy of the “Firefly Big Damn Heroes Box!”? Which of the included variants are you most interested in checking out? Share your thoughts below!

You can pick up ‘Firefly’ #1 and ‘Firefly: Legacy Edition Book One’ on November 14th, 2018!

Source: Syfy