Cooper Andrews

Cooper Andrews (‘The Walking Dead’,’Halt and Catch Fire’) is set to play Victor Vasquez in ‘Shazam!‘ Though not much is known about how he’ll tackle playing the foster father to Billy Batson quite yet, we know in the comics he’ll always be protective of Billy.

In a recent interview with CBM, Andrews gave a few hints about what his character will be up to and the tone of the film:

“I can say that he’s such a fun character to play. I always play some version of a happy guy, but this is a fatherly version. This movie was so well-written and is one of the best scripts I’ve read…and I’ve read a few! This one was just so impressive, and I feel like it connects in an actual, genuine way, and I really think people are going to see why and I think they’ll become attached the same way I did. As far as my character goes, I’m excited. He tells the dad jokes…he’s just this good-natured guy that’s not trying to impose anything on anybody. With these kids, these foster kids, there’s a fine line that he has to walk to guide them and it’s going to be cool.”

Again, we’re seeing that this isn’t going to be your standard DC movie from their current cinematic universe and it sounds like something entirely new. Precisely what the studio needs to do to lure in new fans.

He also went on to talk about the trailer and shares that while everyone has enjoyed it, the full movie is so much more:

“That trailer was amazing but honestly, it was one of those trailers where I can tell you right now, that wasn’t the best stuff! It shows just how good the movie is, and I really think every scene was great and I think they can make a thousand trailers and I’d be happy to see them repeat the same scenes but this is going to be a lot of fun. It’s a family movie, and it’s going to be really good.”

Most of the time these days it feels we get at least a few of the significant payoff moments of a movie in the previews, so that is a refreshing announcement if true.

Do you have any thoughts as to Cooper Andrews playing Victor Vasquez in ‘Shazam!’? Are you excited to see the actor walking into the world of superheroes? Share your thoughts below!

‘Shazam!’ will fly into your local theaters on April 5th, 2019!