stranger things

Executive producer of ‘Stranger ThingsShawn Levy has just taken some time to clarify a comment about the upcoming third season. He recently stated that we’re in for a “darker” installment than any of the previous seasons but now is dialing it back a bit to share that Season 3 will be balanced out with “plenty of summer fun.”

I’m guessing the darker portions and not the new summer fun is what David Harbour shared would be “risky. You almost have to wonder if any of the romance the actor eluded to would fall in this category.

As to the clarification, it came directly from Levy on Twitter who stated that:

“To clarify (and then I am shutting UP!)— there’s plenty of summer fun AND light. But there’s also a WHOLE LOT more…Hang in there, guys. It’s gonna be worth the wait. Promise.”

The wait for ‘Stranger Things’ is almost as annoying as that for ‘Game of Thrones’ but fans are still eager to see more of the show. Outside of the promo which hinted that we might see the kids spending more time at the mall, there hasn’t been any real clips or stills to speak of yet. It should be fun to see the kids on their summer break but knowing how much the AV club means to them, I’m wondering if they’ll still make an outing or two to the school.

What kind of “summer fun” do you hope will be included in the third season of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’? Are there any classic horror tropes that you hope the series will end up using? Will the series continue to be able to balance the horror with the lightheartedness of youth or will we slowly see the kids become jaded as the seasons continue? Share your thoughts below!