The Happytime Murders

‘The Happytime Murders’ is just days away from its theatrical release, and one character in particular wants to make sure everyone can enjoy the film! In a new PSA, Goofer (Drew Massey) warns moviegoers to shut up while watching the film or else they will be labeled movief**kers and thus will be shunned by society. Finally, a PSA I can get behind!

‘The Happytime Murders’ tells the story of a shamed LAPD detective turned private eye who is tasked with investigating the brutal murders of the cast members of a popular ’80s children’s TV show, ‘The Happytime Gang.’

In the PSA, Goofer warns audiences that if they disrupt the movie with their rude talking and texting, they will be shunned by society, lose all their friends, and wind up living in a cardboard box. What’s more, they will become hooked on hard candy and spiral into a puddle of shame and regret. And trust me, he looks like he knows what he’s talking about!

‘The Happytime Murders’ has released a few trailers ahead of the premiere, and they have made it clear that this movie is definitely NSFW and filled with some interesting behavior from humans and puppets alike. A new red-band trailer was recently released and featured a scantily clad puppet recreating the infamous Sharon Stone ‘Basic Instinct’ leg cross thing, some stripping puppets, and even puppet sex. So, don’t take your kids.

‘The Happytime Murders’ opens August 24th and stars Melissa McCarthy as Connie, Elizabeth Banks as Jenny, a burlesque dancer who used to be on ‘The Happytime Gang,’ Joel McHale as Agent Campbell, an FBI agent, Maya Rudolph as Bubbles, Phil’s secretary, and Leslie David Baker as Lieutenant Banning, Connie’s superior. The people behind the puppets include Bill Barretta as Phil, Julianne Buescher as Piddles, Dorien Davies as Sandra, and Drew Massey as Goofer, a former ‘Happytime Gang’ cast member who now works as a prostitute.

Check out the PSA below, and remember, don’t be a movief**ker!